Adobe InDesign

Adobe InDesign Introduction

Aims: Adobe InDesign is the Industry standard for Desktop Publishing, this course will get you started creating documents for publication – from Simple one page advertisements, flyers and brochures to complex multi-page documents. This course is intended for anyone who is involved in creating and designing professional documents, graphic designers, marketing and communications professionals.

Pre-requisites: A good understanding of the Windows or Mac Environment

Duration: Two Days

The Adobe InDesign Environment

Menus, Tools and Panels, Navigation and Zoom Controls, Using Shortcuts, Linking, Setting up a new document, Rulers, Guides and Grids, Saving

The Basics

Task – Creating a Simple Advertisement, Page Set up and Document Layout, Creating Graphic Objects, Creating, Editing and Formatting Text, Importing and Manipulating Graphics, Adding Fills and Outlines, Grouping and Arranging Objects, Text Wrap

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Text Formatting

Task – Creating a Newsletter, Placing and Flowing Text, Character Formatting, Paragraph Formatting, Indents & working with bullets/numbered lists, Tabs, Tables, Introduction to Style Sheets

Creating a Multi-Page Document

Setting up Master Pages, Creating Text and Objects Styles, Placing Text and Autoflow options, Setting up Columns, Automatic Page Numbering, Creating a Colour Palette using pantone colours, Creating Gradients

Preparing for Output

Packaging your Document, Saving as a PDF, Print Options, Saving in different file formats

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