Microsoft Excel Intermediate

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Microsoft Excel Intermediate

Aims: Look deeper into Excel, includes analytical and data retrieval formulas

Pre-requisites: Must have attended the Microsoft Excel Introduction or have a good working knowledge of the product

Duration: One day

Concepts of a Workbook
Moving around a Workbook
Inserting and deleting worksheets
Renaming and moving worksheets
Linking worksheets with formulas
Workbook defaults

Understanding the concepts of Linking
Using formulas to link sheets
Linking files using formulas
Using Paste Link to link files
Linking to other Microsoft Office programs
Using Cell Comments and Auditing

Range Names
What is a Range Name?
Using the Name Manager
Creating and defining Range Names
Deleting Range Names
Using Range Names for navigation
Using Range Names in formulas

Further Functions
Writing formulas using Paste Function
Basic statistical functions

Conditional Functions
An Introduction to Conditional Functions
Using the IF function

Conditional Formatting
An introduction to Conditional Formatting
Creating a Conditional Format
Modifying and deleting Conditional Formats
Defining multiple Conditional Formats
Using Data Visualisations

Data Validation
Why use Data Validation?
Using Validation to restrict data input
Defining Input Messages and Error Alerts

Protecting Data
Protect cells within a workbook
Hiding worksheets within a file
Protecting the structure of a workbook
Password protecting Excel files

Workbook Templates
Templates vs. Workbooks
Creating and saving a Template
Modifying a Template

Working with AutoFilter
Concepts of AutoFilter
Sorting Lists
Sorting by colours
Text Filters
Number Filters
Date Filters
Colour Filters

For further information on our Microsoft Excel Intermediate Course, please contact us via the contact page, or alternatively telephone the office on 0113 243 2226