Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills

 Description: This interactive workshop enables professionals to develop and refine their presentation techniques. There is a high level of student participation. 
 Objectives: At the end of the course students will be able to plan, outline, and create a presentation and be able to recognise and apply effective techniques
 Pre-requisites: No previous knowledge is required
 Duration:  1 day



When do you use your skills?

Why are they important?      


Getting Acquainted with your Audience


Attitudes, values, interests


Gathering audience information

Gathering Data

How to choose data

Sources of data

Types of data

Presenting data

Organising your Information


Techniques that get attention


Finish with a purpose


The Presentation Environment




Using Notes that Work for You

Preparing your notes

Practising with your cards

Using cards during the presentation

Audio and Visual Techniques

Dealing with Nervousness

Sources of fear

Methods to combat fear

Ways to cover up nerves

Verbal Communication

Barriers to good communication

Using your voice

Using language

Non-verbal Communication

Elements of non-verbal communication

Your body language

Reading other people’s body language

Negative non-verbals

Persuading an Audience

Five steps to persuasion

Persuasion checklist

Are there any Questions?

When to take questions

Techniques for fielding questions