Time Management

Time Management


Time can never be used again.  This course demonstrates that time is opportunity to be used wisely. The course is inter-active and includes a high level of student participation

Upon completion of the course students will have a thorough understanding of how to manage their time to maximise performance
Pre-Requisites: No Previous Knowledge is required
Duration: One or two days

Time – a key resource

The productivity gain

Speculate to accumulate


Assessing your Situation

Your current working practice

Plan and set objectives

Spend time to save time

Be prepared to say ‘No’

Work smarter not longer


Getting Organised

Work to a plan

Grouping tasks

Use your diary effectively

Clear your desk

Use a ‘document parking’ system

Make use of checklists


Controlling the Time Wasters

Don’t put off things that are hard

Don’t avoid things you don’t like

Beware of your favourite tasks

Handling  interruptions

Getting through on the phone quickly

Effective use of e-mail

First things First

Make the miscellaneous a priority

Schedule backwards

Set realistic deadlines

Eliminate the unnecessary

Be confident of your priorities


Controlling the Paperwork

Aim to minimise paper work and handling

Make a habit of brevity

Minimal memos

Do not let files and filing waste time

Do not put it in writing or write faster

Use the rubbish bin

Working with and Controlling Others

Socialising and informal contact

No conflict – no wasted time

Clear instructions

Don’t do it – delegate

Swap tasks to save time

All about meetings


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