Bullying and Harassment Counselling

Bullying and Harassment Counselling

Bullying and harassment are increasingly important issues in the workplace. This course takes the delegates through the first stage of dealing with the situation with sympathy and empathy, remaining objective and knowing when to escalate the problem.
Upon completion of the course delegates will have a sound understanding of the process involved with dealing with the first, important stage of dealing with a bullying and harassment problem. They will learn to create a good environment, put the person at ease and deal with the problem with sympathy and empathy.
Pre-Requisites: No Previous Knowledge is required
Duration: One or two days


What is bullying and harassment counselling?
Why is this first stage so important?
Understanding the importance of timeliness
The Environment
Finding a conducive place to talk
Understanding the importance of privacy
Putting people at easeActive ListeningTwo ears, one mouth…
Improving your listening skills
Making notesTaking the Heat out of a Situation

Don’t use ‘fire starters’
Keeping the situation cool
Standing back and be objectiveCommunications and Counselling
Using sympathy and empathy
Speaking positively and assertively
Using non-verbal communication
Understanding body language and how it can be used

What to do next
Knowing when to escalate the problem
Advising people what to do next
Helping out with documenting the problem