Excellent Customer Service

Excellent Customer Service


Excellent customer service depends on the attitudes and skills of the individual employee. Without it few businesses succeed.  People at all levels need to understand how communication works from the customer’s perspective and to get an understanding of the best way to approach individual customers.

Upon completion of the course student will have an understanding of rapport, the customer’s thinking and some of the differences between different customers. Delegates will also be able to recognise these different patterns, utilise them and so improve customer satisfaction
Pre-Requisites: No Previous Knowledge is required
Duration: One day


The need for customer service

What is excellent customer service?

Who are our customers?

What’s in it for you?        

Projecting a Professional and Competent Image

Communicate effectively in all situations

Verbal and non-verbal communication

Understanding Different Personalities

What is your personal style? – a self assessment

Recognising other’s styles

Communicating with other styles

Understanding Customer Needs

Effective Listening

Questioning Techniques


Summarising the conversation                              

Handling Complaints

We need complaints

Ownership of complaints and problems

Working with your customers, not against them

Simple methods of dealing with complaints             

Tough Customers

Staying cool under pressure

Dealing with conflict


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