Microsoft Excel Introduction


Microsoft Excel Introduction

Aims: Introduces the workings and concepts of spreadsheets in Excel including simple formulas and formatting

Pre-requisites: Attendance of a Windows Introduction or a good understanding of the Windows Environment

Duration: One day


Excel Introduction
Spreadsheeting concepts
Using the keyboard and mouse
The Excel Screen
The Excel Ribbon         
Working with the Tabs
Using the Quick Access Toolbar

Excel Basics
Creating new workbooks
Saving files
Opening and closing workbooks

Basic Spreadsheet Work
Moving around the worksheet
Entering data into the worksheet
Selecting areas of the worksheet
Using AutoFill and Custom lists
Using the Office Clipboard
Using drag-and-drop

Creating Formulas
Common mathematical symbols
Using the AutoSum feature
Statistical functions
The AutoCalculate facility
Relative and Absolute cell references

Worksheet Appearance
Changing the appearance of cells
The Format Painter
Working with Rows and Columns

Previewing the worksheet
Using Page Setup
Working with Headers and Footers

An Introduction to Charting
Creating a basic chart
Changing chart types
Formatting and enhancing a chart
Using Chart Themes
Printing a chart
Printing a chart with associated data

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