Powerpoint Introduction

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Aims of Powerpoint Introduction: To introduce the basic concepts of presentations & allows the delegate to create and edit slide shows using a variety of content types

Pre-requisites: None

Duration: One day


Introduction to PowerPoint
Concepts of PowerPoint
Elements of the screen
Key Components of the Workspace
Using the keyboard and mouse
Using the Ribbon

Presentation Basics
Creating new presentations
Saving presentations
File Types
Opening and closing presentations

Working with Slides
Creating new slides
Change the slide layout Deleting slides
Working with text on slides
Printing a presentation

Editing Techniques
Moving around a presentation
Outline Pane
Selecting text
Moving text with Cut, Copy and Paste
Using the Office Clipboard
Using Drag-and-Drop
The Spelling and Style Checkers
Understanding the Undo feature

Presentation Views
Understanding the Normal View
Building a presentation in Outline View
Working in Slide View
Using the Slide Sorter

Setting Up Slide Shows
Viewing a Slide Show
Adding Transitions to slides
Enhancing a presentation with Animation

Formatting a Presentation
Formatting the text of a presentation
Adding Backgrounds to slides
Working with Slide Masters
Using the Design Templates

Working with Graphics
Drawing and manipulating AutoShapes
Working with shapes
Arranging shapes

Presentation Objects
Working with PowerPoint Clip Art
Working with pictures and photographs
Adding Charts to a presentation
Constructing Organisation Charts

Shortcut Keys in PowerPoint

For further information on our Microsoft Powerpoint Introduction Course, please contact us via the contact page, or alternatively telephone the office on 0113 243 2226