Microsoft Word Advanced

Microsoft Word Advanced

Aims: Enables users to automate and customise Word to find easier and faster ways of working within Word

Pre-requisites: Must have attended the Microsoft Word Introduction course, or should have an extensive knowledge of the product

Duration: One day


Mail Merge
Concepts of Mail Merge
Creating a Mail Merge
Working with Recipient lists
Filtering and sorting a Mail Merge
Mail Merge via Email

Creating Envelopes and Labels
Creating Forms
Creating a Form Structure
Working with The Developer Tab
Understanding Content Controls
Adding Text Controls
Using The Date Picker Control
Adding Numeric Controls And Formulas
Adding A Combo Box And Drop-Down List
Protecting And Saving The Form

Taking Templates Further
Using fields in Templates
Inserting empty fields for user input
Using the FILLIN field to aid user input
Inserting ASK and REF fields

Working with Excel in Word
Linking An Excel Worksheet
Embedding An Excel Worksheet
Modifying An Embedded Worksheet

Protecting Sections and Documents
Restricting Formatting and Editing
Making a document ‘Read Only’
Protecting a document as a Form
Protecting Sections within a document
Password protection on files

Reviewing Changes
How to Track Changes
Using the Reviewing Pane
Setting Tracking Options
Showing Revisions In Balloons or Inline
Accepting and rejecting changes Adding Comments
Comparing documents

Introduction to Macros
Understanding Word Macros
Recording and Running a Macro
Assigning a Macro to a toolbar or menu
Setting Macro Security
Saving A Document As Macro Enabled
Editing And Deleting A Macro

For further information on our Microsoft Word Advanced Course, please contact us via the contact page, or alternatively telephone the office on 0113 243 2226