Microsoft Excel VBA (Visual Basic Applications)


Course Title: Microsoft Excel Visual Basic Applications (VBA)
Aims: To illustrate how to use macro programming to speed repetitive
tasks when employing Microsoft Excel
Pre-requisites: Delegates MUST be familiar with the use and exploitation of
Microsoft Excel at an Advanced level
Duration: Two Days


What is a Macro
Recording macros
Running macros
Relative references
Assigning Macros
To Objects
To the Quick Access Toolbar
Editing Macros
The Visual Basic Editor
The Project Explorer
The Code Window

The Range Object
The Cells Property
The Range Property
Flexible Ranges
Range Contents

Objects, Properties and Methods
Controlling objects with their properties
Performing actions with methods
Performing multiple actions on an object


Dialogue Boxes
Built-In and Predefined dialogue boxes

Conditional Control Structures
Select Case

Handling Text
Line Continuation Character
Line breaks in text
Text Functions
Variables and Constraints
Data Types

Looping Control Structures
do…loop, for…next, for each…next
Non-Structured Statements
Sub procedures

Function Procedures
User-defined functions

Debugging and Error Trapping
Break Mode
Instant Watch
Error Handling
Error Codes

Workbooks and Sheets
Activating workbooks and worksheets

User-Defined Forms
Creating the form
Adding form controls
Form and control properties
Control and dialogue box events
Displaying and dismissing a user form
Handling form controls

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